Ray Thorburn PhD, MA, Life MDINZ

Year: 1951 - 1954
Occupation: Artist, Designer, Educator

Ray has been a teacher and leader all his life. His leadership includes Chief Executive & Academic Director PTE Arts & Media (Film & TV) College, Director Waikato Museum of Art & History, Chief Executive Northland Polytechnic Director where he lead rebuilding it into a debt free, award winning, degree granting institution. As Head of the Design School at Wellington Polytechnic, Ray worked with the Victoria University School of Architecture and the staff of both institutions to create New Zealand’s first university and polytechnic conjoint degree in design. As National Curriculum Officer for Art Education, he has worked with teachers throughout NZ developing and implementing a new art education syllabus for New Zealand primary and secondary schools and a new craft design qualification in polytechnics. He has had a huge impact on the way design was taught in NZ. He was the first Honours graduate in design from the University of Auckland and is a Life member of the NZ Design Institute.