Alexandra Owen

Year: 1997 - 2000
Occupation: Fashion Designer

Alexandra Owen has been described as a maverick designer committed to luxury with a vision outside trends – she has a style of making things that is singular in direction. Owen’s look is one of sophistication, a Hepburn-esque grace; it’s not crazy or overstated but it’s not understated either. Ally left High and studied at Massey University and worked as a sales assistant at Scotties Boutique where she produced a small range every year before launching her own label. She also learned about perfection and service. 2007’s New Zealand Fashion Week saw Ally arrive in Auckland alone and show a collection that dropped many a jaw with its masterful tailoring and breathtaking fabrics. As a result, she picked up a dozen wholesale accounts including the well-regarded ‘H Lorenzo’ boutique in Los Angeles. Owen is making her name by taking her time, ignoring trends and, perhaps, most controversially, sticking to a luxury-level price point. In March last year she showcased her clothes during NY Fashion week to global fashion giants and was immediately offered an exclusive deal with Elle. With a flagship store in Wellington and glowing reviews of every show since her breakthrough collection in 2007, she has asserted herself as the quiet achiever du jour on New Zealand’s fashion landscape.